Jonathan M. Potter

Digital Scholarship Associate


  • PhD Candidate, Religion, Emory University, Expected 2017
  • MAR, New Testament and Early Judaism, Yale University, 2012
  • BA, Biblical Studies, Grace College (Indiana), 2006


Jonathan helps students, faculty, and staff use digital media and platforms in their scholarship and teaching.

He was also an instructor for the Teaching, Pedagogy, Curriculum + Research (TPC+R) program in 2017, and has contributed to ECDS projects such as the updated Holocaust Denial on Trial (HDOT) website.

He has experience in media creation and editing tools (iMovie, Final Cut, Photoshop, Acrobat, Audacity, etc.), WordPress, and learning management systems.


Jonathan's research focuses on the history and literature of early Judaism and Christianity.

His dissertation, Rewriting Moses and Mark: The Composition of Luke's Gospel in Light of Rewritten Scriptural Narratives, uses Jewish texts that "rewrite" the Bible (such Jubilees and Josephus's Antiquities) to provide a comparative context for understanding some of the earliest gospel texts.

He is also engaged in work connecting the ancient and modern reception of the Bible by comparing the ways biblical narratives are retold in both ancient texts and modern film.